The HYDRODYNAMICS Group has become a technical leader in the spring water industry, having tackled some of the unique challenges of compliance with the new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) spring water regulations. By working with spring owners and regulatory agencies, The HYDROYDNAMICS Group developed a Unified Approach to Spring FDA Compliance studies. The cornerstone of our technical leadership is our hands-on experience in finding and developing new spring sources, designing construction of spring developments, permitting spring facilities, and the designing, installing, and managing of spring monitoring systems. A brief description of our spring project experience is provided below.

FDA Compliance
MPA Compliance
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The  Food & Drug Administration has decided to adopt the proposed definition of "spring water" as water that is derived from an underground formation from which water flows naturally to the surface of the earth.

Evaluating New Spring Resources

The HYDRODYNAMICS Group has evaluated a number of new spring sources in California, Missouri, Nevada, and Wisconsin. Our evaluations included mapping site geology, geophysical exploration, spring orifice delineation, spring source analysis, spring development design, water quality analysis, and economic analysis.

Spring Development & Bore-hole Construction

The HYDRODYNAMICS Group was responsible for the exploration, design, construction, and testing of bore-holes at a spring sites in California, Nevada, and Wisconsin. The projects involved the drilling of exploratory/replacement spring development bore-holes using both mud rotary and triple-wall air hammer drilling methods. The bore-holes were designed to meet turbidity water quality standards. The holes were pump tested to establish a hydraulic connection to local springs. The projects also involved water quality sampling and monitoring. These projects also involved developing new springs, which included the design, construction, and certification of spring catchments.

Outside State Certification of Springs and Mineral Water Wells

The HYDRODYNAMICS Group prepared certification documentation for springs and mineral water wells in California and Wisconsin for water sales in other States. Other States require that the source and quality of spring and mineral water be documented by a licensed geologist. A source documentation report was prepared water sources that defined the geological and hydrogeology, well construction, plant processing information, and water quality analysis before and after treatment.

FDA Compliance Certification Studies

The HYDRODYNAMICS Group conducted FDA Regulatory Compliance studies for springs in California and Wisconsin. FDA compliance required documentation of spring orifices and historical spring flows, establishing a hydraulic connection between springs and bore-holes, water quality sampling, and long term discharge monitoring. Team members designed and installed remote monitoring equipment consisting of flow meters, transducers, data loggers and cellular modems for data recovery. New spring orifices were developed, including construction of collection galleries, weirs, and catchment basins.

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