The HYDRODYNAMICS GROUP, LLC is an ensemble of some of the country's leading experts in ground water hydrology, and is headquartered in Edmonds, Washington. The group was created by Dr. John Bredehoeft, a nationally recognized expert in hydrogeology, with the vision that a team of seasoned hydrogeologists could provide principal-level consulting expertise for a wide spectrum of water and environmental problems. With The HYDRODYNAMICS Group, principal-level hydrogeologists and engineers do the work. There is no learning at the job's expense. Group members owned consulting, drilling, and managed divisions within major consulting firms and government. Consulting services offered include:

  • water supply analysis
  • well construction/drilling technology
  • ground-water flow modeling
  • contaminant transport modeling
  • aquifer test analysis
  • analysis of saltwater intrusion
  • rainfall/runoff
  • stream flow analysis
  • site characterization
  • remediation engineering design

In the age of computers, The HYDRODYNAMICS Group stands in the forefront of technology. The Group is prepared to provide state-of-the-art modeling using the latest models, including:

  • Ground Water: MODFLOW, MOC, JDB-2D/3D, MODPATH, PATH3D, MT3D, TOUCH II, QuickFlow, Analytic Element Model
  • Surface Water: HYMET (rainfall/runoff)
  • Graphics: CAD support, SURFER, ConSolve Graphics Analysis Package

Meet the Team

John Bredhoeft
Michael King
Guillermo Paniagua
John Jansen

The HYDRODYNAMICS Group, in its short four years of business, has established itself as a leader in the field of Ground Water Hydrology. Our clients include the Attorney Generals for the States of Wyoming and New Mexico, Inyo, Nye, and Esmeralda Counties, and the Department of Energy concerning Nuclear Waste Disposal. Spring bottled water company clients include Hinckley & Schmitt Inc., Cartago Spring Water Co., McKesson Water Products Company, Dobbas Spring. Hydrodynamics has worked for the San Francisco Department of Public Works and Santa Barbara County Water District. Additional clients have included Norton Energy Storage, LLC, Westinghouse (Department of Energy Contract), Bechtel Corporation, and Layne-Western Drilling Company.

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